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Spec Racer Ford Gen2 Maintenance

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Checklist Before / After the Race Weekend

Checklist Between Each Session / End of Day


Fuel SRF Gen3: 20 to 40 % mix of 100 OCT unleaded with 93 / 91 OCT unleaded
Fuel SRF Gen2: 50/50 Mix Pump Gas 91 & 100 Octane Race Gas
Motor Oil: Red Line 20WT or 30WT Race Oil (depending on temperature)
Coolant: Red Line Water Wetter / Distilled Water
Gearbox Oil: Red Line MT-90
Brake Fluid: ATE Type 200 Amber / ATE Super Blue
Tripod & CV Joint Grease: Red Line CV-2 Grease
Rocker Arm Grease: Red Line CV-2 Grease
Ball Joint Grease: Red Line CV-2 Grease
Tie Rod Grease: Red Line CV-2 Grease

Annual Maintenance

Working in the shop at  CSR Performance

Working in the shop at CSR Performance

Spec Racer Ford Tools

The Spec Racer Ford is built in the United States using Renault, Ford and Subaru parts, consequently there is a mix of metric and SAE fasteners on the car. Most suspension/chassis elements are SAE. While the motor and drivetrain are metric. This can be very confusing for the first few times. I grew up in Australia with metric tools so it is not immediately obvious to me which fractional wrench is needed. Here is a short list of recommended tools and some specialty Spec Racer Ford tools:

Specialty Spec Racer Ford tools:

  • Quick jack - getting the low car off the ground

  • Inner 5/8 crescent wrench

  • Toe alignment bars

General Tools:

  • SAE and Metric wrench sets (ratcheting are useful in SAE)

  • 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive - SAE and Metric socket sets (short, deep and extensions)

  • Flare nut wrench for brake lines

  • AN wrenches (-6, -8, -10, -12)

  • Screw driver set

  • Cordless drill and drill bits

  • 3/8 inch impact driver

  • 1/2 inch impact up to 150 ft-lbs

  • Pop riveter and rivets

  • Compressed Air (Tank or small compressor)

  • Tyre Pressure Gauge (30 psi)

  • Castor gauge

  • Camber gauge

  • Pocket Steel Rule

  • Side cutter

  • Pliers

  • Wire strippers

  • Wire crimpers

  • Channel locks

  • Hammer

  • Rubber mallet

  • Safety wire and pliers

  • Duct tape

Gen3 Spec Racer Ford Conversion Manual

The SCCA Enterprises manual details the steps for doing the conversion from the 1.9 ltr to the 1.6 ltr including the ancillary equipment. It also has details on torque specifications, maintenance, spares and known areas to pay attention.

Spares List

You really don't need spares if you are racing with SCCA as there is great trackside support by the Customer Service Representative (CSR). The CSRs carry spares for cars and are present at the track for SCCA weekends. However, if you are running test days and track days without CSR support here is a short list of some items you might want.

  • Brake Pads

  • Brake Rotors

  • Lower Control Arm Rod End

  • Gear box oil - 1 qt

  • Motor oil - 1 qt

  • Spark plugs

  • Spare Aluminium for patching body work

  • Spare 1x Front Left/Rear Right & 1x Front Right/Rear Left Upright incase the wheel bearings fail

  • Alternator belt

Gen3 Specific

  • Spark Plugs – NGK LTR7IX-11 Iridium, Stock Number: 6510 Gap: .035” /.038 / Enterprise PN: G301041

  • Alternator Belt - Enterprise PN: G991411

  • Oil Filter / Motorcraft - Enterprise PN: FL-910 S

  • Ignition Relay - Enterprise PN: WM901006

  • Fuel Pump Relay - Enterprise PN: WM901006

  • O2 Sensor - Enterprise PN: G990504

  • Starter - Enterprise PN: G992701

  • Oil PSI Sending Unit - Enterprise PN: G980495

  • Fuel PSI Sending Unit - Enterprise PN: G980495

  • Air Filter - Enterprise PN: WM301020

  • Thermostat - Enterprise PN: G300999

  • Oil Filter Adaptor O-ring - Enterprise PN: 392499

Torque Settings

  • Lug Nuts: 55 ft-lbs

  • Rear Axle Nuts: 150 ft-lbs

  • Generic Torque Specs for Block /Head (Aluminum) fasteners:

    • 6mm: 5 ft-lbs

    • 8mm: 16 ft-lbs

    • 10mm: 35 ft-lbs

Gen3 Specific

  • Flywheel: 65 ft-lbs

  • Clutch Cover: 18-20 ft-lbs

  • Intake Manifold Nut: 16 ft-lbs

  • Exhaust Header Nut: 30 ft-lbs