Brake Bleeding

Bleeding the brakes is simple track side maintenance that everyone should learn.

Tools and Supplies:

  • 7mm flare wrench

  • Bleeder bottle and hose

  • High quality brake fluid (I use ATE Type 200 or Super Blue)

  • Simple green (or other cleaner for spilled brake fluid)

  • Paper towels


This job is fast and simple especially if you have an extra helper.

  • You can bleed the brakes on the car without removing the wheels

  • Remove the nose and tail from the car

  • Open the brake master cylinder caps

  • Top up the brake fluid in both master cylinders

  • Start at the right rear (longest line)

  • Place the wrench over the bleeder nipple

  • Place the hose and bleeder bottle over the brake nipple

  • Build up pressure by pumping the pedal

  • Repeat the following steps until no bubbles & clean fluid comes out

    • Press the pedal down

    • With the pedal depressed open the bleeder nipple

    • When the pedal drops close the bleeder nipple

    • Let the pedal up

    • Check the master cylinder and top up fluid if needed

  • Repeat until no bubbles come out or all the old fluid is removed

  • It should take about 3-4 pumps of the pedal to drain the master cylinder

  • Ensure the bleeder screw is tight

  • Remove the hose and bleeder bottle from the brake nipple

  • Repeat next for the Left Rear

  • Repeat next for the Right Front

  • Repeat next for the Left Front (shortest line)

  • The brakes are now bled top up the master cylinders

  • Close the master cylinder caps

  • Check to see if any fluid spilled or dripped into the pedal area and clean up with simple green and paper towels if necessary, the last thing you want is slippery pedals

  • Replace nose and tail of car

  • Dispose of the used brake fluid appropriately

  • Check to see there are no leaks

  • Enjoy your next track session

  • Check again for any leaks

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