Sway Bar Adjustments

Sway bar adjustments are a good way to fine tune your cars handling, especially on the Spec Racer Ford. Being able to do this quickly between sessions can help you get the most out of a test day.

Tools needed:

  • Paint pen or tape

  • Small ruler

  • 7/16 and 1/2 inch wrench or spanner

  • 1/2 inch socket

  • 6-8 inch long extension

  • Cordless impact driver or ratchet

  • Anti-seize or light weight oil

Check Rod Ends for Binding Spec Racer Ford.JPG

Sway Bar Adjustments:

You can do the adjustments with two 1/2 inch wrenches but it is easier if you use a ratcheting wrench and even easier if you use an impact driver with an extension and socket.

Before you make any adjustments measure and mark the current baseline position of the clevises with either a paint pen or tape.

Next you can mark where you want the clevises to be repositioned.

To move the clevises you will need to loosen the upper and lower bolts.

The easiest way to do this is to use a 1/2 inch spanner on the inboard side and a 1/2 inch socket with long extension connected to an impact driver on the outboard side. You can reach the socket and extension through the chassis and place the cordless impact between the frame and wheel.

Just loosen the nuts and bolts, don't undo them completely as it is extra work to redo them after.

With the nuts and bolts loose you should be able to rock the clevis back and forth to get it into position. If they are stiff use some penetrating oil.

Now is a good time to apply some anti-seize or light weight oil so they are not stiff in the future. Also check the rod ends for binding and their condition, replace if necessary.

Set the new position with the ruler and record for your notes.

Retighten the bolts starting with the lower followed by the upper use the same 1/2 inch wrench, socket and impact combo.

Measure the clevises and make sure they didn't move when tightening.

Check for any binding of the rods ends and you are done. 

For large adjustments you might have to change the length of the connecting link with the rocker arms. Use a 7/16 inch wrench on the link and 1/2 inch wrench to break both jam nuts loose. Remember one is left hand thread the other is right hand thread. You can then shorten or lengthen the link as desired using the 7/16 wrench. Retighten the jam nuts and you are good to go.

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