Fueling the Spec Racer Ford

Fueling the Spec Racer Ford is a simple task you just need to add the right type of fuel and make sure to activate the check valve in the vent tube.

The Gen2 Spec Racer Fords require 96 octane fuel to avoid knocking issues. Here in California this means mixing pump gas and 100 octane race fuel half and half (50/50).

Most racers use 5 gallon jugs combined with a flexible hose. You will need to remove the fiberglass tail section to fuel the car.

Disconnect the vent hose and put a zip tie in the vent line to pop the check valve and allow venting of the air as you fill. If you don't pop the vent valve you can under fill the fuel tank by trapping air in the lines. The fill hose might appear full, but when you go out on track next time you run the risk of running out of fuel.

Remove the fuel cap and place the flexible jug hose into the car fill hose. An empty tank will take approximately 7-8 gallons. Watch the car fill tube and you will hear and see when the fuel is getting close to the top.

Fill until you can start to hearing and seeing the fuel. Then get ready to tip the fuel jug down bending at the fuel tube to prevent over filling.

With the tank and fill hose now full of fuel, remove the zip time from the check valve. Reconnect the vent hose to the vent line, replace the fuel cap and you are ready to go. Time to shave down those lap times.

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