Rebello 3.0L Kit Unboxing

As we get further into the Datsun Engine Build we thought it would be good to provide you with an overview of the various parts needed to turn our L28 into a 3.0L performance motor. Rebello Racing has developed this kit over many years and delivered many of these motors throughout the world.

When we learned our motor needed a rebuild we decided to make it a learning experience in modifying and building a new motor. We talked with Dave Rebello and decided to base the motor on his kit but do a lot of the custom work ourselves. The Rebello 3.0L Kit has a lot of different options and you can pick different components, parts and specifications to suit your application. These are the components we ended up choosing but your kit might look slightly different with some different specifications.

Included in our Rebello Racing 3.0L Kit

  • Cometic Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Head Gasket

  • Stroked L28 P3040 Crank with 3.19 Stroke

  • 89mm Forged JE Pistons

  • Piston Gudgeon or Wrist Pins

  • Retaining Rings

  • Piston Rings

  • Forged Eagle "H" Beam Connecting Rod

  • Clevite Main Bearing

  • King Rod Bearings

  • SuperTech Intake Valves

  • OEM Exhaust Valves

  • Outer Valve Springs and Seats

  • New Valve Seals

  • New Lash Pads

  • Cam Tower Shims

  • Reground Camshaft (279-0.540 63DI 109)

  • Bronze Oil Pump Drive (Optional Extra)

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