Spec Racer Ford - Dyno Testing

People are often curious to see what power numbers the Spec Racer Ford Gen3 is actually producing so we decided to find out and publish the results.

Kanga Motorsports Spec Racer Ford Gen Dyno Test MCE Racing.JPG

With the 2018 SCCA National Championship Runoffs coming up at Sonoma Raceway in October we wanted to check the health of the motor. After approximately 20-25 hours on the new motor we decided to do a dyno test to see the power, torque and air fuel ratio numbers.

We stripped off the nose and tail to help with clearance getting the car onto the dynamometer and gain access to the motor. Kevin of MCE Racing strapped down the car, set up a cooling fan and prepared the car for the dyno runs.

Kevin performed the test on his mobile dynojet at Thunderhill Raceway during the final weekend of the SCCA San Francisco Region Championship. Despite the hot air temperatures the results came out great with steady air/fuel ratios, a maximum power value of 136.6 horsepower and maximum torque of 119.76 ft-lbs. According to Kevin they were good numbers and meant the motor was strong for competition.

Kanga Motorsports Spec Racer Ford Gen Dyno Test Results.jpg

Big thank you to Kevin of MCE Racing for setting up the car and performing the runs.

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