Spec Racer Ford Gen3

Kanga Motorsports is ecstatic to announce that racer James Chartres will campaign the #77 Spec Racer Ford Gen3 in the SCCA San Francisco Region for the 2018 race season! 

2018 SRF Gen3 Announcement.jpg

The 3rd Generation Spec Racer Ford includes an upgraded drivetrain with a new 1.6 ltr Ford Sigma engine producing an additional 30 horsepower. The transmission is upgraded with a new final drive and performance clutch. The upgrade kit also includes all new air box, oil cooler, ECU and wiring harness. The Spec Racer Ford Gen3 package reduces the overall car weight by 110 pounds and combined with the increased horsepower reduces lap times by 2-3 seconds. 

Follow along with our social media as we upgrade the drivetrain and prepare the race car for the 2018 Season!