Ten Tenths Podcast Partnership

Kanga Motorsports is excited to announce our continued partnership with Ten Tenths Podcast for the 2017 season. Ten Tenths Podcast is a weekly podcast for automotive enthusiast providing an entertaining insight into the world of car enthusiast, racing and a comic take on the latest automotive news. Ten Tenths Podcast has been a great supporter and friend of Kanga Motorsports including featuring racer James Chartres as a special guest on Episode #34.

Ten Tenths Podcast

Ten Tenths Podcast is a weekly Automotive produced podcast founded in January of 2016 by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robert Vierhout. The show covers their automotive antics including race car builds, racing, automotive adventures, track days and car news. The hosts of Ten Tenths Podcast strive to create an “entertainment program about cars”. If you haven't listened to them yet, go check them out!


Email: tententhspodcast@gmail.com
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