Custom Visor Strips

Custom visor strips are a great way to improve the look of your helmet and are relatively cheap, much cheaper than a full helmet paint job. There are a few companies out there that will make vinyl visor strips for you. Depending on the design the cost ranges from $4-$9 each and they typically have a minimum order of 10-12 strips.

The first thing to decide is the design either your name, race team or sponsor then you can decide the colours, style and place your logo. There are a few visor templates online you can use depending on your helmet brand, visor and the cut you want. Here is my design with simple lettering accented by the logo.

Alex at Axcel Fast Graphics helped me out and got these made fast. If you can't do your own design work you can send them the text, logos and images you want and then they can make up a design for you. This will cost more and depends on the complexity of the design. The strips I got were great, high quality vinyl and look fantastic.

The next thing to do is clean that filthy helmet and visor before you apply the vinyl strip. Position the graphic where you want it, making sure it is centered and that you like the position.

Carefully peel back the backing and line up the decal make sure you have it positioned correctly and that it meets the top of the visor all the way around.

The completed strip improves the look of the helmet and the feature side cut allows the logo to be bigger without obstructing visibility when racing.

While I was at it, I fixed some of the inevitable stone chips that you get when racing in an open cockpit. I used a white paint pen to touch up the small chips. You can still notice them up close but from a foot back they are barely noticeable and look much better than dark chips that were present.

Thanks to Alex at Axcel Fast Graphics for the fast turn around and high quality. I would highly recommend them to others.