Motorsports Podcasts

Those long drives to the track is the perfect time to listen to motorsport podcasts. Here are a few of the great automotive podcast I enjoy focused on racing, track days and the aftermarket industry. Each covers a different topic in an entertaining way including some great laughs.

Ten Tenths Podcast

Presented by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robert (Handsome Rob) Vierhout, it covers amateur motorsports from three buddies with some great automotive arguments including dream garages and which of their daily drivers is more practical. They own imports, american and european cars so you get a variety of different perspectives. My favorite episodes so far are #3 The Dream Garage Argument and #8 The beginners guide to racing. Great laughs ensue when they shame each other and guests for poor automotive choices.

Speed Secrets Podcast

I loved reading the Speed Secrets books! Now the podcast allows me to listen on the commute! It has great interviews with motorsports professionals and even more driving tips to help me go faster! If you want tips from racers and engineers on how to drive a car faster this is the podcast for you. 

SlipAngle by

Presented by Adam Jabaay and Austin Cabot, two buddies that travel around the US for all things road racing and performance. They have lots of great interviews with people in the aftermarket industry sprinkled in with some great tech tips. Listen for Adam's voice and those stupid but hilarious comments. They are involved with Grid.Life and know a lot of people in the Honda community. If you want to talk about Honda CRX racing or performance wagons this is definitely the podcast for you.

Grassroots Motorsports

Presented by J. G. Pasterjak, it is the official podcast of Grassroots Motorsport and covers auto crossing, racing and the aftermarket industry. Contains chats with industry insiders, professionals, drivers and influencers including how they got started, their successes and failures. Some episodes take you behind the scenes of the Grassroots Motorsport and Classics Motorsports magazines.

Cars For A Living

Presented by Rob Kibbe and Dan Kahn, is a podcast dedicated to turning your passion for cars into a career or business. The podcast ended January 2015 with 51 episodes. It covers a variety of topics focused on people in the automotive industry how they got their start and become successful. There are lots of tips and tricks for shops, social media, marketing and interviews with automotive industry experts.

Driving While Awesome

Late to the party with this podcast but I have enjoyed listening to their banter, off topic diversions and general car knowledge. They answer listener questions from instagram, entertain Art's overly long stories and mix in some trivia, all while throwing out every chassis and model code for BMWs and Porsche. Definitely worth a listen and a few good laughs on the commute.

Do It For A Living

This podcast started by Reid Lunde talks to the movers and shakers in the performance racing industry to find out their story and provide insight and guidance for those wanting to start or improve their automotive business. There are lots of great interviews with fantastic information including both the success and failures. If you are looking to get into the industry this podcast is essential.

The Rags to Races Podcast

Jake discusses the different ways to get involved in motorsports no matter the size of your budget. He covers the varying costs, shows you what is involved and how you too can get into motorsports.